Maui – Hawaii – beach – CAMPING

Maui Hawaii – beach – CAMPING

I was so lucky to go to Hawaii in December and was able to check out Maui, Kuaui and Oahu. Myself and some friends got to camp on all sorts of beaches and camp grounds and found a few really great places to stay over the night. When we landed in Maui, Hawaii, we found out there was a beach spot right outside of the airport where we could put up our hammocks. The beach campground is Kanaha Beach Park Campground. You can get a permit but you can also camp for free a few nights but a person might ask you about the permit and then explain how to get one. They clean the beach park campground about once a week so everyone has to leave for the night (even the people “living there”).
The beach there is very calm and there are lots of locals around to chat to or maybe ask about some pot. Some locals dont like white american tourists so treat everyone extra nice. Aloha.

Let me know if you have any questions about camping destinations in Maui or Kauai Hawaii.

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