Free & Cheap RV Camping Options

We enjoy free (and cheap) camping not just because it saves us money, but sometimes… it’s priceless. In this video chat we’ll explore: the joys of free camping, a range of options out there and how to find them. For the purposes of defining ‘cheap’ – we’ll keep it to options that are less than $10-15/night – but with a focus on FREE!

Since many of the free options also mean dry camping (or boondocking), we provide a brief recap on being prepared for camping off-grid. But for the full perspective, we recommend following up with our ‘Boondocking Basics‘ video archive in this same playlist (Jan 2015), or our extensive Boondocking Blog Series at www.technomadia.com/boondocking.

Resources mentioned in the video:

Driveway Surfing for RVers: http://www.boondockerswelcome.com
Wineries, Farms & Museums: http://www.harvesthosts.com

Finding Free/Cheap Camping:

Bloggers: www.WheelingIt.Us, www.RoadLessTraveled.us, www.GoneWithTheWynns.com

Locator Sites:

US Public Lands: www.twostepsbeyond.com/apps


We have been full time RVers since 2006, and love sharing a slice of our life with others.. and hopefully provide some useful discussion topics to help others in their planning process. Each month we pick a topic based on frequent questions we get and host a live interactive chat on Livestream. Our chats end with an interactive Q&A session where we answer viewer questions about this topic or any related to nomadism. These are intended to be casual and fun.

This is an archive of a live video chat recorded on January 10, 2016- but was recorded with a local camera for a better viewing experience. Join in a future video chat live by subscribing to our email list from www.technomadia.com/video.

Also keep an eye out for our monthly personal travelogues and interviews with our fellow nomadic friends.

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