How To Tie A Tent Guy Line: Setting Up My Tent For The First Time

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Setting up your tent for the first time? Don’t quite know how to use the plastic guy-line tensioner? This video shows you to:

1. Sort your guy lines and untangle them
2. Use a simple hitch to tie the free end of the guy line to the tent loop
3 Attach the guy line loop to the tent stake
4. Use the guy-line tensioner to keep your tent lines taut

If you have never set your tent up before, practice a few times at your house.

In the off-chance that you finally roll into your campsite at 2am and it is raining, you will be able to set up your tent without additional stress.

Another camping tip is to always know where your head lamp is; especially if there is any possibility of you arriving at your campsite after dark.

That guy-line tensioner is a life saver because it keeps your tent secure and it keeps a little bit of the wind noise down.

Wind can whip at your tent and wake you up if you don’t secure it properly. Knowing the basics of tying a guy line for your tent will help you have a more relaxed camping experience. Enjoy!

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