Camping Trip Collect and Cook Wild food

A 3 day hiking and camping trip in the mountains. We supplemented our diet with wild collected foods and made tea with wild herbs. We carried enough food to last 4 maybe 5 days max. We found lots of wild food. Prepared delicious rice with wild mushrooms.
Ate wild raspberries
wild strawberries
wild mushrooms (2 types)
Hiked a total of approx 8km plus minus 500m (wandering and exploring)

Camping Equipment taken

4 season tent
65 L pack
25 l day pack
2 water badders
1 Fixed blade knife (Extrema Ratio MK2.1 (X2 folders: FKMD Predator and Opinel number 7).
X1 expedition rated sleeping bag
Garmont and Scarpa boots
One pot one pan
X2 compasses
Sunglasses and hats

See ending for a list of food for our camping trip.
Maximum altitude hiked just under 2000M.

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