Snow Camping Tips and Tricks

Snow Camping in our snow tent once again! A bit of advice about avalanches and the danger of cornices; NEVER stand on top of a snow cornice, many people have died this way. The cornice at 0:15 may appear smallish but the camera is not really complimenting it very well, it’s actually about 6-7 metres high above the flat section of mountain that we’re standing on. It is large enough to completely bury a person quite deeply if it did fall ;-(
At 1:12 Christina is pointing at another snowy peak called Mt Feathertop, Feathertop is Victoria’s deadliest mountain (also the state’s 2nd highest peak). Many people have died from standing on the cornice at Feathertop summit, it often collapses and people have fallen hundreds of metres downhill into “avalanche gully”.

On this hike we decided that preparing our food before heading into the snow would make things much easier. We took a full loaf of premade sandwiches, precooked eggs and meat to minimize the need for cooking. Cooking food in the snow can be quite awkward due to the extreme cold.
We also talk about the importance of monitoring the weather forecast when planning a snow camping trip, it’s not much fun in a blizzard. It was a weekend of clear skies and gentle winds, on this trip the lowest temperature we experienced was only minus 1 Celsius.

Pointing out a dangerous snow cornice 0:15
Christina points at the cornice of Avalanche Gully, Mt Feathertop 1:12
Campsite Tour begins 1:20
See the view & water source 3:20
Inside the vestibule 5:54

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Gunshot ricochet sound recorded by Grant Evans
Bush Channel Cartoon artwork by Gerald Carr

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