Adventure Van Camping ~ Easy Make Ahead Camping Meal With Secret Ingredient

I’m getting ready for a camping trip in the Adventure Van so I’m pre-making a delicious, super easy camping meal. The idea behind this tin foil meal is that I can just throw it in the coals of the fire and enjoy a fantastic meal without cleanup or fuss. This particular meal is what I like to call tin foil chicken & potatoes. My camping recipe is very subjective. Over time I have figured out what I like and the spices I like to use. There is no right or wrong way to cook this camping meal. You can make up your own recipe. This is an easy campfire meal with aluminum foil. Make it at home and just keep it cold until you are ready to throw it in the fire. The secret ingredient in this recipe is Olive Garden Italian Dressing. This is my favorite Italian dressing of all time. The cool thing about this camping recipe is that it’s just as good at home as it is out on a camping trip. I make this same meal at home a lot.

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