RV Nomad Life | Our Favorite Snowbird Destination in Arizona

We spent a week exploring Camp Verde, Arizona, and it is unlike any other part of the southwest we have ever been to! From ancient culture’s structures, petroglyphs, and desert oasis, to wineries, casinos, and breath taking landscapes. This is a fantastic place to spend the winter and enjoy the surroundings. We stayed at Zane Gray RV Park and it easily makes the top three rv parks we have ever had the pleasure of staying at. They take great care of the property and their staff is friendly and very helpful. We have really enjoyed our time getting to know this area and relaxing in the South West.

Propane Fire Bowl

Clam Tent Shelter

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What’s coming up for us!?:

Spring 2018- Lake Powell, Moab, Filming for RV Nomads!

Fall- NOMADFEST 2018 – Many of you already know that we have been cast in a movie. It is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2018, and NomadFest will be the big movie premier. If you are wanting to join us, come meet the cast and crew, please go to: http://rvnomadfest.com/ to sign up or find more information 🙂

Winter 2018- Florida Keys!

Summer of 2019 – Alaska

Stick around! This is going to be a fun year!

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