wild camping in the woods (1M VIEWS)

wild camping in the UK woods!


o-light 1500lm tourch:
tera hiker light:

endurance cyclist, producer, adventurer, survivalist & explorer of the great outdoors.
creating video’s on cycling, touring, camping, traveling, survival & more.

Hippyswift is an endurance cyclist who creates videos documenting his journeys along with producing series videos & product reviews which he presents in a down to earth yet proffessional way.

throughout 2018 Hippyswift is partaking in country wide time trials, endurance cycling events and currently in production of a discovery channel pilot episode.

all of his tours are covered by some form of media, although his fan base on youtube which is growing by the day has his biggest following reaching over 500 thousand people who love cycling just in the last 6 months.


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