Top 10 Latest Camping Gear Inventions | Best Camping Gadgets | Part-15

Top 10 Latest Camping Gear Inventions | Best Camping Gadgets

Best Camping Gear Review:
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Power Talkie
Power Talkie is a portable device that works with your smartphone to keep you connected when there is no cell service. You can use it to track your friends location and send message and voice to them when you skiing, hiking, walking, and surfing. It’s compatible with other walkie talkie or two-way radios. you can use it to send voice to other walkie talkie or two-way radios.
Best Camping Gadgets List:
1. Power Talkie 00:21

2. Qysea FIFISH P3 02:32
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Others: /

3. Hitch Hotel 04:43
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4. Mock ONE 06:49
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5. Nano Cure Tent 08:42
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6. Tropic 10:22
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7. Nowlight 12:12
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8. Jetboil Flash 13:25
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9. Shaze 15:53
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10. HELIO 16:56
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