Hammock vs Ground Camping – The Results are Surprising

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There’s no doubt Hammock camping is growing in popularity. Especially in recent years. With more and more people ditching traditional ground set ups, and climbing to higher ground in hammocks, we have to ask ourselves:

Which system is actually superior? Can this be clearly measured? That’s exactly what we’ve set out to discover in this week’s video. We will explore pros, cons, price, weights, and more!

“Hammock vs Ground Camping. The Results are Surprising.”

Pros and Cons to a Hammock Sleep System

– Superior Comfort (In my opinion.)
– Consistency
– Faster setup & Take down
– Easier setup & Take down in bad weather
– No condensation
– Better suited for day napping
– More space because you can pitch your tarp high, low ,etc

– Need a place to hang
– Less Shelter – Bad weather can be worse
– Need a beanie / face mask

Pros and Cons to a Ground Sleep System

– Tents are better suited for bad weather
– You can spread out on long Nights (winter months)
– Retain a little more warmth inside a tent body

– Longer setup / take down times
– Finding the right spot / getting stakes in can be tricky
– You must avoid rocks and sloped ground
– Tents are harder to keep clean because they’re in the dirt
– Condensation can build up within a tent.

As always thanks for watching. Which system do you prefer? Feel like we missed something? Let us know in the comments!

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