Testing My Homemade Dehydrated Camping Food While Exploring a Desert Canyon

I’ve officially begun my journey into the world of dehydrating my own food for camping and backpacking. Instead of testing my recent experiment at home, I decided to toss it straight into my pack a head out into the desert.

To make the spaghetti–I followed a recipe I found in the book, “The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook,” by Tammy Gangloff. Just boil your noodles like usual (use angle hair pasta), strain away the water, and add in your sauce (about 2 cups of sauce for 8 oz of noodles). Then you dish out your spaghetti into 4 piles and flatten them out a little. Recommended dehydrating times varied depending on if you sauce contained meat, dairy, or oil (155 degrees F) or if it didn’t contain any of that (135 degrees F). Run the dehydrator for a total of 8-10 hours, but halfway through you have to flip the spaghetti piles (so around the 4-5 hour mark).

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