Top 10 Backwoods Camping Equipment You Can Get On For $25 Or Less

If you’re just starting out with camping, bushcraft, backpacking, hiking, or just general outdoors activities; trying to figure out what gear is worth the money is a difficult task. With this list, I bring you my opinion what is the top 10 pieces of backwoods camping equipment you can get on for $25 or less! By no means is this list exhaustive or a complete list of everything you’d need–this is just a list of what I think is the best bang for your buck!

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#10: Wool Blanket by Ready First Aid — $24.99

#9: Slingshot by Marksman — $18.73

#8: Tarp by Stansport — $19.99

#7: Titanium Spork by Light My Fire — $19.49

#6: Pocket Stove by Esbit — $17.05

#5: Folding Saw by Mossy Oak — $24.99

#4: Stainless Steel Cook Set by Stanley — $21.92

#3: Ferro Rod by überleben — $24.00

#2: Water Filter by LifeStraw — $24.50

#1: Companion Knife by Mora — $26.00

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