How to Set Up the Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Tents

Get a Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model tent here:
Step 1:
-Lay the tent body flat on the ground with the door facing you.
-Stake out all corners through the loop at the end of the webbing.
-Insert stakes into ground at a 45 degree angle facing away from tent center.
Step 2:
-Assemble all poles and slide a pole through each center sleeve.
-Insert one end of each pole into a corner pin, lift and attach to opposite corner pin.
-Attach all clips to the tent body poles starting at the bottom.
-Bend another pole arching over the door and attach the ends to corner pins. To help identify pole location, follow the seam lines with the poles.
-Attach the corresponding body clips to the pole starting at the bottom.
-Repeat the process for the last two body poles, arching them over each window.
-Attach the Velcro straps around the intersection of crossing poles.
Step 4:
-Lay rain fly flat with the exterior of the fly facing down and align the vestibule with the tent door.
-Attach hooks to the front black steel rings and drape the rain fly over the tent.
-Attach the rest of the rain fly hooks to the tent corners.
-Attach all rain fly Velcro straps to the tent poles
-Insert the shorter rain fly pole assembly into the vestibule sleeve.
-Bend the pole and insert the ends onto the front corner pins.
-Pull the front loops of the vestibule taut and stake out.
-Stake out the guy lines and adjust them to secure the tent.

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