Small Knives Are Better- Beginners Advice for Camping Trips.

Small outdoor knives are better suited to carry on long hiking/backpacking trips where you will be on the move every day. Pack weight and what you carry on your person will ultimately play a major role (excluding your physical fitness) in how far you can comfortably travel each day. It is not unlikely to travel upwards and over 20Km per day with a full pack. If you plan to undertake such a trip then consider leaving the big choppers at home. Or if this is your type of camping/trekking then consider this before buying a big chopper.

Something else to consider:
Trekking that involves international flights, all knives need to be carried in the hold luggage. Unless you get your hold luggage for free, then the bigger knives you carry the less luggage weight you can carry.

Next up:

When Big Knives are Better! So stay tuned for this upcoming counter attack!

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