2 New Inventions of Camping Gear (Portable Freezer for Travel & Outdoor)

2 New Inventions of Camping Gear (Portable Freezer for Travel & Outdoor)

1. LiONCooler
The World’s Smartest Portable Solar Freezer
LiONCooler, the first smart controlled portable solar fridge-freezer.
LiONCooler is the first smart, app-controlled, rechargeable, solar fridge freezer. It keeps food and beverages icy-cold without icy and works like your home refrigerator, but on-the-go!
LiONCooler uses advanced battery technology which means, users can SAY GOODBYE to the hassle of buying bags of ice that will eventually melt.
Barbecues, fishing and boat trips, backyard parties, school sports events, road trips, tailgating and picnics just got a whole lot better.
Also, it’s the perfect gear for a soccer mom!
LiONCooler chills to -4°F and is equipped with quality LG compressors to ensure performance.
LiONCooler takes 4-6 hours to fully charge.
The easy “snap-in/out” battery has a 10-hour life to keep the chill.
This luggage-style design makes LiONCooler easy to move without having to lift.
The 6″ durable wheels make transportation easy across all terrains.
The removable insulating lid lets you to wash it when needed or detach for easy and quick access when with a group.
Use AC, 12-volt DC in the car, or solar panels.
The battery only depletes when you use LiONCooler in portable mode. If you are connected to a power source, the battery will stay fully-charged.

2. iFreezer Go20
the Redesigned Car Freezer
The Ultimate 20L Portable Car Freezer For Travel & Adventure
The project team has begun turning their prototype into the final product. Their ability to ship the products may be affected by product development or financial challenges.
✅ Fridging and freezing at the same time
✅ 0℉-50℉ Precise Temperature Control
✅ Portable and lightweight
✅ Plug and go
✅ Germany Scope Compressor
✅ 12-month Local Warranty Service & 5 Years Compressor Warranty
✅ US, Europe and Australia Free shipping
Nothing is better than a cold and refreshing beverage during a long drive or while traveling, camping and other on-the-go adventures.
But the old-school cooler that we all grew up with hasn’t improved in decades. It requires lots of ice, doesn’t keep beverages cold for long, and turns into a messy box of sloshing water quickly. Those old coolers are also inconveniently bulky, garishly coloured, and stylishly outdated.
That’s why we made iFreezer Go20, a true dual-zone portable cooler and freezer with incredible performance and astonishing design. It is simple to use, energy efficient, and provides reliable refrigeration and freezing to keep your food and drinks cold & refreshing.

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