Winterial Oversize Outdoor Camping Tent Cot

Winterial Oversize Outdoor Tent Cot has a strong structure that can sleep 2 people comfortably! There is one mistake made by the manufacturer that concerns the rain fly’s awning setup. I considered giving this tent cot 4 stars, because of it, but I love this too much! I’ve owned and reviewed many tents and this is my absolute favorite! The insect mesh has a high thread count that gives you shade, as well as, blocking the tiniest insect from entry. You can enter the tent from any of the four windows and because there are four windows you stay cool.

Setup only takes about 5 minutes by unfolding the legs, pushing down both ends of the cot to lock into place and inserting the 2 aluminum tent poles through the sleeves on top of tent material. To add the rainfly you tuck it under the four corners to the tent cot, similar to a fitted bed sheet. There are ties connected at the bottom to secure to the legs of the cot. There are two diagonal zippers that you use to separate the awning. This is where a mistake has been made. The tent comes with 4 tent stake ropes, 2 tent stakes, 2 aluminum poles (tent material roof) and 2 fiber glass poles (for lifting awning). There really isn’t any need for the tent stakes, nor any loops that the tent rope can attach to. In the advertising picture it shows the awning poles connect to the grommets of the awning and then slid in to a plastic mount on two of the cot legs. There is not a mount on either side of the cot. You could use the tent rope and stake to attach the rope to the grommet and pull it outward, but that is all. Again, I think there has been a mix up by the manufacturer. Normally, I would subtract a star, but this is an incredibly high quality tent!

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