Intraday Trading Strategies Explained for the Support and Resistance For Beginners

Intraday Trading Strategies Explained for the Support and Resistance For Beginners
in this video friends we are going to look the very old question of the market, does support strengthen or weaken after multiple touches and I’m going to give you some food for thought so you can make your own better decisions. Now as soon as support is hammered it more times it’s touched it means that a more likely it’s going to break and then the other side of the camp you’ve got guys who say no every time support touch the price the more it holds the stronger it becomes it means that it’s a stronger.
support means that more people are dealing at that level in it counter-trend environment and a counter-trend position and it’s going to hold so which side of the coin is it now I like to as you may well know if you’ll subscribe I like to look at things in the bigger picture I want to look at not just the metrics of each touched it four times it’s touched it five times hence five days a weak or five is stronger but looking broader and taking that into account as a pure price action approaches worked for me and I hope that this will help you guide your trade but also isn’t it about this the market is coming to this level are we going buy it are we going leave it are we going to sell it short that’s it key levels are big part of this business do you want to fade them do want to trade the breakout don’t leave it alone so anything we can do that helps us to better understand that it is likely this holding or the likelihood of this breaking through the this SR level is important so there are other things to take into consideration when we’re looking at supports and we’re going need to support & resistance.

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