Bushcraft – Lightning & thunder – Crayfish, netting & braiding.

Bushcraft – Lightning & thunder – Crayfish, netting & braiding.

A buddy, my dog and me spent 8 days bushcrafting i Sweden.
In the beginning we are in the middle of Sweden where we fish and start preparing for the crawfishing in the south, with some netting.

In south Sweden we enjoy the view of the bad weather, dry under my tarp. A lightning hit very close to us, and scared the living s… out of us. I braid some fish traps with willow, and make a brik to catch the crayfish. ….but i must have thought of lobsters when i made the net and traps. But hey: Live and learn.

Hammock equipment: WarbonnetOutdoors

Knife: Lumberjack

Axe: Rune Malte Bertram Nielsen

Backpack: KarrimorSF
KarrimorSF Sabre 60-100 l. PLCE

DD Super light tarp 3×3 m.

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