OZtrail Dusk 450 Fast Frame Tent Tent – Setup Demo

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Sarah and Luke from the Toowoomba store take you through how to setup your brand new OZtrail Fast Frame Dusk 450 Cabin Tent

The OZtrail Fast Frame Dusk 450 Cabin Tent is designed for those that love a roomy tent, this 2m tall tent gives you spacious rooms and a massive awning area for relaxing in the shade!

The new Twilight Technology on the flysheet of these tents ensures that you can adjust your tent from bright and airy to pitch black, no matter what time of day it is. No more early morning wake ups that are not planned on the campsite! OZtrail’s Fast Frame system has set a standard for simplicity and speed.

The real engineering challenge in creating a quick pitch design is keeping the system simple. By focusing on reducing the complexity of moulding and parts of their frame, OZtrail has succeeded in producing a range of tents that are reliable in the Australian outdoors!

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