Wild camping alone in the woods in strong winds | Berghaus peak 3.1 pro tent

A solo wild camp in a coastal pine woods in the Berghaus peak 3.1 pro tent on a windy night. Cooking steak and mushrooms & sweet peppers trying out the Coleman fyre power gas stove and the UCO mini candle lantern, Very strong winds during the night but had died down by the morning.
A walk to the beach in the morning and onto formby red squirrel nature reserve.

Some gear I used for this camp: with some Amazon affiliate links to purchase on Amazon UK.

Snugpak sleeper lite sleeping bag.

Berghaus peak pro sleeping mat

Berghaus peak 3.1 pro tent

Berghaus Ridgeway 65+10 rucksack.

Stanley adventure prep and eat stainless steel frying pan.

Zebra 14cm lunchbox, camping pot.

Victorinox hiker Swiss army knife.

Tatonka stainless steel bowl

Tatonka stainless steel cup.

H&S flashlight

UCO mini candle lantern

Coleman fyre power 7000 watt stove

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