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If you’ve recently purchased an RV you may be wondering what is dry camping? Or maybe you’ve heard other people talk about boondocking and you want to know what is the difference between dry camping and boondocking?

In this video, we help you understand that dry camping is simply being able to be self-sustained in your RV when you camp. Whether you dry camp in your family member’s driveway for a night or spend two weeks camping on BLM land, the idea is the same.

When you dry camp you do not require power, water or sewer hookups. Essentially you only need a “dry place” to park and camp for the night.

Boondocking is the same concept. However, you may find yourself paying to dry camp sometimes. In places like US National Parks and forests, you will find that resources for campgrounds are limited. So you may end up paying to spend the night there dry camping with no hookups.

On the other hand, boondocking is typically considered “free camping.” We usually think of boondocking as camping off-grid in some beautiful place where there is typically nobody around. Think about vast desert areas, isolated beaches and campsites buried beneath the thick forest. This is boondocking.

Thus you will dry camp when you boondock, but you may not necessarily boondock when you dry camp.

In this video, you’ll learn the difference between dry camping and boondocking as well as over 20 tips, tricks and suggested items to have with you when you dry camp or boondock.

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For more information on dry camping be sure to check out this post:

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// Truck Camper Necessities \
Coffee Maker –
Pressure Cooker –
Blender –
Water Kettle –
Electric Collapsible Kettle –
Collapsible Colander –
Collapsible Bowls –
Collapsible Dish Rack –
Coffee Cups –
Grill/Griddle –
Generator –

// Truck Camper Modifications \
Kitchen Tiles –
Wood Stove Cover –
Kitchen Shelves –
Fruit Basket –
Magnetic Bar for Knives & Spices –
Magnetic Spice Jars –
Hanging Utensil Rack –
Pantry Roller Shelf –
Folding Hooks –
Shower head –
Bathroom Door –
Fantastic Vent Fan –
Bedroom Wallpaper –
Reflectix For Windows –

// Solar & Electric \
Renogy Panels –
Solar Controller –
Solar Kit –
Solar MC4 Connectors –
Solar Cables –
Solar Plug Adapter (For Lance Camper) –
Inverter –
Powerstrips –
LED Light Bulbs – &
Generator –

// Camera Gear \
Drone –
Vlogging Camera –
Photography Camera –
GoPro –
Tripod –
Camera Bag –

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