How To Pack Food For Camping – [ Food Containers Stack Better ]

How to pack food for camping is something that needs thinking about.
In this video, i show you how i pack my food for camping trips, by using plastic containers when i pack food for camping in the bush.
I find they stack in either your car fridge or food box so much easier than just throwing those same food items in your car fridge or camp box.
If you are going away on longer camping trips, how you pack your camping food can either be very easy when it’s time to prepare a meal, or it can be a nightmare.
Camping should be easy and simple. Food containers certainly make life very easy when it comes to packing you fridge and food box.
I freeze my food that needs to go in my car fridge a couple of days before i go.
Meat will pack inside the containers so easily before it is frozen, and food items like pasta or rice wont spill inside your camp box if they are placed inside a snap lock container.
I really like the food containers I’m now using, and thats how to pack food for camping without any hassles.
How do you pack food for camping?

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