[EN] Setting up the Forceatt Tent (2 persons)

The Forceatt tent (2 persons version) is the one I have chosen to start gaining camping experience.
Remember, I plan on going moto camping for a full year. And I am not used to camping at all. So until I can get my definitive tent (which should be the Lonerider moto tent), I need something of good quality (i.e. not some cheap $25 tent) and easy to set up. And light – at 2.58kg (5.68lbs) it’s perfect.
For this first try – I got the tent just a few hours before shooting this video – I’d say I did well, it was up and ready within 13 minutes. In the future I’m sure I can get well under 10 minutes – probably even 5 minutes – now that I don’t need the instructions anymore (it’s really easy!).
I will do a review once I’ve used it a few times. So be sure to subscribe if you are interested in this tent.

Tent used in this video: Forceatt 2 persons
Mattress: Intext Classic airbed
Sleeping bag: forget about this one lol… It was way too narrow. I bought it locally, I had to take it back. From now on I’ll be using this one, FE Active 3-4 seasons

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