Camping in Rain – Overnight Tent Camping – ASMR No Talking – Rain Sounds

00:00 in this video
00:34 on the way to camp overnight
01:00 choosing campsite to camp in the rain
01:17 setting up the tent and the tarp tent in rain
04:10 setting the sleeping mats
05:04 building a campfire in rain
07:28 cooking dinner 8n rain on fire
10:55 making herbal tea in tent at rainy night with relaxing rain sounds on tent
13:12 setting the sleeping bags in tent with the relaxing rain sounds on tent
14:14 start of morning at campsite
15:05 packing the sleeping bags in tent
15:57 making black tea on fire in the rain
16:55 making breakfast in the rain
18:40 hanging around with kids in the rain
19:11 finding a nest in a tree
19:34 hiking with kids in the misty and rainy forest
22:20 packing the sleeping mats in the tent with the relaxing rain sounds on tent
22:38 packing up the tarp tent and the tent in the rain
25:46 leaving the campsite in rain

We camped overnight with tent in the amazing rainy and misty forest with the relaxing sounds of rain on tent. It took 7 hours to arrive the forest and also find a suitable campsite to camp, cause it was rainy all the last week, all the ground was full of muddy puddles and it was challenging. We built a campfire to be warm and cooked a delicious meal on it, we made herbal tea in the tent while kids fall asleep with the relaxing sound of rain, slept overnight with kids in the tent while listening to the rain sound on the tent, cooked breakfast and hiked in the rainy forest and the kids explored, played and enjoyed alot, and these memories made us so satisfied and relaxed.
This video is camping ASMR no talking in order to give you most pleasure of the amazing camping sounds with tent.

Video Location: Alanze Mountains, Masal, Guilan, Iran

Hope you enjoy, Love, Outdoor Family ♥️

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