Choosing a knife for camping- A beginners guide

Choosing a knife for camping. Things for a beginner at camping in the wilds to consider when choosing a knife.

Where do you want to camp? Location plays an important role in choosing a camping knife. Camping in a jungle environment will require different blades to those where the campsite is in a dry arid area or a forest or mountainous regions. Coastal camping will also dictate the type of knife steel you could use for long periods near the saltwater. How comfortable is the knife in wet or dry hands? How far are you going to walk to your site or walk each day? Weight and of course size will be important here.

What about using the knife for food preparation? Don’t be swayed by that macho 10 inch plus blade or saw back knife unless you really have a purpose for these types of knives, since they can be heavy, and tricky to use around the camp. Big knives look good but in reality are difficult to use for general camping especially for preparing food. If you plan on hunting a lot then of course a specialist hunting knife like a Finnish made Puukko could be best and you may want a slightly larger and differently designed blade for other jobs around the camp.

Note that the last knife I show is really only if you are experienced at sharpening blades due to it’s irregular shape.


Knives in order of appearance:

FOX Spartan Leonida Combat Survival knife, made by FOX knives FKMD with or without spine saw) this model with saw. Available online most places model still current

Ontario knives Spec Plus (black Kraton Handle) model still available search for Ontario knives Spec Plus Marine

Strider knives MFS ( the cord wrapped knife) ( no longer available in ATS 34 this model) available in SV30? Strider knives and some US internet sites or directly from Strider knives

Puuko knife (curly birch handle with scandi grind) bought in markets in FInland- high carbon steel blade brand marked with illegible letters- Any FInnish Puuko will be well made, Finns don’t make crap knives!

Fox Trapper knife FX132 Last knife reviewed: by FOX Knives FKMD available most places online model still current.

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