How to Set Up a Springbar Canvas Tent

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You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to set up an original design Springbar Canvas Tent—one person can pitch the tent in just a few minutes. Not only are they easy to pitch, Springbar Tents keep you dry in heavy rains and can withstand high winds that blow nylon tents away like tumbleweeds. Originally designed for the road trippers and car campers of the 1960s, Springbar Tents feature a clever design that utilizes flex, tension, and leverage to create an incredibly spacious and comfortable camp dwelling that’s ideal for the modern campers and nomads of today. The new Highline Series of Springbar Tents is the result of a half-century of experience and refinement with Springbar Tent design. Built with premium Hardyduck canvas and quality craftsmanship, Highline Series Springbar Tents are the best car camping, family camping, and base camping tents available.

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