Junglecraft Campsite – DIY Jungle shelter for pouring rain

Jungle camping is extremely wet, it can rain constantly, no matter what you do you will get soaked 🙂 The jungle campsite in this video is on the slopes of Mt Talinis on Negros Island in the Philippines. We’re lucky to have experienced jungle trekking and camping many times before so we’ve learnt the do’s and don’ts.

The most important advice I’d share is make sure someone in your group has a tarpaulin that is at least 10 square metres in area. The tarp is particularly necessary if you plan to be cooking, as said in the video, “I would not use a vestibule in the tropics.” The tarp can also double as a rain water collection system, just place your cook-set towards the end of your shelter where the rainwater is dripping and fill your pots!
Be prepared for annoying insects in the jungle, with proper preparation you’ll keep most of them at bay!

As usual we have machetes in the video, hope you enjoy!

See what vestibule camping looks like when it is necessary

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