Survival Hax 2 Person Automatic Instant Pop Up Camping Tent review

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Color: Blue
AUTOMATIC POP UP – Pitching a tent will no longer be a hassle. Just throw it in the air and it opens up.
LIGHTWEIGHT – Ultralight design let’s you take this tent on like hikes and backpacking trips.
DURABLE – 190D Oxford material means this 3 season tent floor can resist the elements.
2 – 4 PERSON TENT – Comfortably fit 2 children and 2 adults or 3 adults in this 6 ½ x 6 ½ ft tent.
FRONT & BACK DOOR – Two openings allow you to appreciate all of your views and enjoy and nice through breeze.

Automatic Pop Up Tent

Two sides of this pop up tent have doors and a mosquito screens. Enjoy a double sided view and airflow without having to deal with insects.

Have you ever tried to pitch a tent in the dark? It’s about as fun as waking up with a snake in your sleeping bag. Fumbling with those poles, holding a flashlight in your mouth, while your spouse is trying to coach you is not the way to start a camping trip. That’s why our instant pop-up technology pitches the tent for you.

Our Instant Pop Up Tent is designed for people who don’t want to mess with pitching a tent after they’ve reached their destination.

Double Door Design
You’ll also find a double door that will let you enjoy the outdoors from both sides.

How Many People Fit Inside?
Comfortably fits 2 adults or 4 kids. You can make it work as a 3 person tent if you’re OK with a tight fit. The interior is 6 1/2 feet x 6 1/2 feet.
Easy Tent Pitching Setup

Pitching a tent has never been easier. Simply remove your tent from the carry bag, untie the strap, and toss it into an open are. The fiberglass poles will expand and now you just need to secure it to the ground using the included stakes.
Remove tent from backpacking carry sack.
Untie the string.
Toss the tent into an open area.
Secure the strings.
And you’re done. The whole process takes a few minutes, where as a regular tent can take a lot of time, and that’s if everything is laid out nicely.
Additional Features

We looked at suggestions given to us from Amazon customers who were looking for the best camping tents. Here’s what we upgraded.
Exterior – Replaced old material with water resistant 190D Oxford which can repel the rain.
Zippers – Added stronger zippers.
Strings – Replaced previous strings with ones that can handle more tension.
Floor – We added water resistant material to the floor of the tent as well.
Indoor Pocket – Don’t lose your cell phone or gadgets under all your gear. This is also a great compartment to leave your bear spray, flashlight, or anything you need to grab quickly if something goes bump in the night.
Easy Take Down and Pack Up

Packing up your tent can be done in 4 steps. We’ll send you a PDF file as soon as we send you your tent with instructions that include pictures and steps.
Flip over your tent and reconnect the poles.
Fold the poles so that they are parallel.
Twist the tent in the middle and fold it.
Use the strap to tie it off
Place it into the hiking carry bag.
Whether you’re doing hardcore hiking, wilderness camping, or simply want a tent for backyard sleepovers, the Instant Pop Up Tent is a great choice.

Don’t ruin another camping trip by fumbling for a bunch of hard to assemble pieces. Save your time and sanity with a self pitching tent.

Tent Specs:
Max Capacity: 4 Person
Size: 6 ½ x 6 ½ feet when open. 4 1/4 ft t fall
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Tent Material: 170T Taffeta
Bottom: 190D Waterproof Oxford
Pole Material: Fiberglass
UV Resistant
4 x Metal Stakes
1 x Compressed bag with carry straps

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