10 Camping Hacks That Take the Rough out of Roughing It

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Some people just aren’t cut out to spend nights under the stars. But don’t give up on the woodsy fantasy just yet. Here are a few camping hacks that take the rough out of roughing it.

1. Make Lamps out of Jugs
Try filling up a jug of water and strapping a headlamp around it with the light facing the jug. You’ll have an instant homespun lantern for your tent.

2. Bring Microfiber Towels
They take up a fraction of the space of normal towels and can absorb twice their weight in water. Wring them out and use them again and again.

3. Build a DIY Shower
Pick up a solar-heated portable shower at a camping supply store before your trip. All you need to do is fill it up and hang it from a tree. You can use a beach windbreaker to make a shower booth too!

4. Use Foam Floor Tiles
If you’re traveling by car and you have a bit of free space available, foam floor tiles, like the ones made for children’s playrooms, can make the ground of your tent much more cushy.

5. Use Sage to Shoo Away Mosquitoes
You can make a natural mosquito repellent using sage. You can either apply a homemade sage-based oil or simply burn it near your campfire to keep those pesky biters away.

6. Bring a Makeshift Washing Machine
All you need is a bucket with a lidded cover and a plunger. With the clothes and biodegradable detergent inside the bucket, you can pump the plunger and keep the clothes spinning around in the water, just like in a washing machine!

7. Make a DIY Fire Starter
Make a quick fire starter by placing charcoal into an empty egg carton. When you’re ready to start cooking, simply light it up for an easy-start fire.

8. Make Some Tick Repellent
Garlic, neem oil, rose geranium oil and tea tree oil can be used to keep those pests on the run.

9. Keep Eggs in a Water Bottle
Get an empty water bottle and fill it with the pre-whisked eggs, pack a skillet, and you’ll always be ready to cook for scrambled eggs.

10. Buy a Two-Person Sleeping Bag
If you’re camping with a partner, consider getting a double sleeping bag. They take up a lot less space than carting around two normal-sized sleeping bags.

What other camping hacks would you suggest?

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