Camping Tips and Hacks for Beginners

Camping tips and hacks … from selecting a campsite to tent camping tips. What camping gear do you need to pack for your next camping trip? Find it here:

Using your camping trip as a romantic getaway or a family vacation? In many campground parks, especially in the U.S., you can do much more than camping. Many campgrounds have lakes for boating, fishing, or swimming, or hiking trails. Don´t forget to bring along some board games or outdoor sporting equipment.

Tips for camping:

Did you know that cotton balls doused with Vaseline make some great fire starters?

Always keep your match sticks in a jar to keep them dry.

To create a clothes line use tent rope between two trees.

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More camping tips and tricks:

To make camping more comfortable, create different zones at your campsite for eating, lounging, washing and first aid.

Put your smartphone in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet.

A shoe hanger helps to get organized.

Food attracts not only insects but also skunks, raccoons and even bears. Keep food spills cleaned up and always use boxes and plastic canisters to store your food.

State parks are one of the best locations to go camping.

Yosemite camping tips:

One of the best campgrounds in Yosemite Valley is North Pines Campground.

Campgrounds are usually full from April through September, first-come, first-served, so book early.

Camping food ideas:
For eating outdoors many campground parks have picnic tables and BBQ pits at each of their campsites. It´s best to make your first meal something that you prepared at home and just needs heating up (like spaghetti and meatballs). For easy camping recipes think about campfire foil wrapped salmon and potatoes or grilled corn. Or just cook some pasta and serve with ready made pesto.

Truth is, some campers still forget to check the weather as it may have impact on the clothing that you need to bring along with you. And choose appropriate camping supplies and equipment.

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