Tips and Tricks for Camping/Sleeping at Walmart

I have spent countless nights sleeping at Walmart. It was basically my home during my Junior year of college. Sold the van and am now living cheap and tropical in Thailand – – My Story
Building the van start to finish
I put together a short video explaining some of the tips and tricks I have picked up along the way.

*for those of you that think I am a lazy leach I fight forest fires for 6 months a year (clocked in 1,104 hours of overtime this summer) and go to school the rest of the year. Just graduated with 2 degrees.*

Besides how to get free wifi I think my favorite tips is how to get discounted food. All Walmart’s are on a little different schedule but every morning most all of them put out their discounted bakery goods. I normally grab something from there for breakfast as well as some bread for a lunch sandwich. And then at night if I do not want to cook I just wait till 10:30 pm and pick up the deli and precooked goods half off or more!

Lastly though I plead that everyone does not take advantage of Walmart’s kind offer of letting people sleep in their parking lots. Please respect them by picking up your trash, not making a nuisance, and just being a good and happy camper in general!!

Happy camping!

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