Boshen Waterproof 3 to 4 Person Self Pop Up Camping Tent

Boshen Waterproof Self Pop Up Camping Tent is by far the easiest tent I have ever setup! This tent is surprisingly lightweight and comes inside a carrying case with tent stakes, as well as, rope. When you pull the tent out of the carrying case you just unfold each leg. Then you hold a leg on each side and pull away from each other. This makes the top push up like an umbrella and all the joints lock in to place. It is truly incredible! The rainfly is designed to keep water away from the tent, but still allow air in to the tent. The top of the tent itself is mesh, so very breathable. It has two large doors with mesh screens or you can unzip each all the way and allow air to flow through. There is a hook to hang your lantern on inside, as well as, two pockets.

The fabric is waterproof, but I noticed while it was raining if the wind was blowing the rainfly would flap and water would leak in. The water would drip from the top of the tent inside. I did not notice water leaking through seams, zippers or anywhere else. Just where the rainfly allows air to flow up in to the tent. This tent is perfect for hiking overnight trips. The times when you hike, make camp, hike, make camp, because this is unbelievably easy setup and it’s lightweight! Thanks for watching!

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