How To Comfortably Sleep in A Hammock – 4 Camping Tips

A friend reminded me that I had a hammock the other day (this one is an ENO doublenest), and I decided to try sleeping in it again. Partially because I have a 10 day backpacking trip coming up soon and also because I had a few new ideas about how to make it more comfortable for myself. So the four things that I have decided on as being of significant importance when sleeping in a hammock are as follows:

— the anchor lines coming from your hammock ends should be at 30° (NOT 45º)
— sleep diagonally
— slide your whole body toward your feet until you feel you are the most balanced left and right
— use a small pillow or blanket to support your knees from underneath

The hammock used in this video is a “Double Nest” from ENO:

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