Camping 101: how to prepare for camping, selecting a campsite, tips and things to know

Camping 101 – Episode 1: Selecting a Campsite
In this video I give you all everything you need to know to get start if you have never gone camping:
– how to look for campgrounds online
– how to select a suitable one
– things to look out for: seasons, weather and highway conditions, having a back up plan and getting a campfire a permit.

Then I describe the details about 2 types of camping: dispersed camping (primitive camping on public land) and camping on developed campgrounds which will have varying comfort levels (basic to very comfortable) and prices ($0-$40+)

I also show you quite a few examples from my many camping trips, including dispersed camping In Shaver Lake Ca, Red Rock Nv, and camping on developed campgrounds in Pine Flat Lake, Ca, at Lake Donn Pedro Ca, and by the Grand Canyon South Rim.
Finally I show you a few things to know when you’re actually choosing the spot to set up your tent.

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