Budget Wild Camping Gear on Amazon

Hi guys, here is my budget wild camping gear review. All these items are in my Amazon Basket and I’m sure you’ll agree this is a cracking Bargain Basket! These cheap wild camping gear items range from £1.99 to £76.99. Just because they are budget backpacking gear purchases doesn’t mean they aren’t great pieces of backpacking kit. All this budget gear comes from Amazon UK.


I hope you will agree there is some cracking cheap backpacking gear here. This review proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy some great wild camping gear.

Any questions just put them in the comments section and I will respond. Please SUBSCRIBE if you like your budget backpacking kit. Check out my other wild camping gear videos., I’ve got loads of gear reviews out there.

Thanks, Andy.

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Backpacking Tents
Bessport Tent
Forceatt Camping Tent

Wild Camping Sleeping Mats
Trekology 80 mat
Trekology 50 mat
Cheap Foam Mat

Camping Sleeping bags
Highlander 1-2 Season sleeping bag
Keenflex 3 Season sleeping bag
Echo 4 Season

Trekology Pillow

Backpack Bags
MYMM 50L Backpack
Outlife Hiking 60L Backpack

Camping Stoves & Cooksets
BRS Camping Stove
Lixada Camp Stove
Cheap Cookset
Vango Cookset

Camp Kitchen
Water filter
Sit Pad
Foldable water bottles
Foldable cups

Miscellaneous Backpacking Gear
USB Head Torch
Battery head torch
Battery pack
Mini First Aid Kit

00:00 Introduction
01:44 Tents
03:59 Sleeping Mats
05:32 Sleeping Bags
07:16 Pillow
07:55 Backpacks
09:14 Camping Stoves
10:12 Camp Cooksets
11:06 Camp Kitchen
13:02 Head Torches
14:05 Backpacking Gear
16:00 Final Summary

Please note the amazon link is what everyone sees and pays but I receive a miniscule finders fee when people use the link. It all goes back into backpacking gear!

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