Bushcraft Shelter Door and Window Making – Rain – Campfire Cooking (Part 9)

Bushcraft Shelter Door and Window Making – Finished covering the walls of my shelter with reed – Making a door and window using thin wood, reed, vine, and string – There was some light rain while I worked and a chilly atmosphere, the fresh air made my work more enjoyable – Spiced Vegetable Couscous cooking over a campfire – No talking, only peaceful nature sounds. If you want to find out more about all of these and the story behind this video, please read on.
The door and window making was not as easy as I thought it would be, because of the shape I have chosen, but I am satisfied with the results. It will probably protect the shelter a bit more and make it somewhat warmer during winter. I will make shutters for all the windows in the future. As for wild animals that many of you mentioned, the door is not sturdy enough to keep a bear out, and neither are the walls. It’s not the shelter I am relying on, as it’s not my tent I am relying on when I go tent camping in the mountains (in higher regions chances to meet bears are bigger). I am ok, not really afraid. I know there are bears in those forests but in the higher regions. I only saw deer and wild boars nearby. If I will have a bear encounter, I hope it will go as well as my last one. Our bears are usually not aggressive or dangerous if you are careful. So, thank you all for your love and care, for being concerned about my safety. I trust I’ll be fine, you need not worry.
The uploading of this video coincided with our celebrating Easter here this Sunday – Pasti (Passover) as we call it. An old belief of my people says that the doors of Heaven are wide-opened tonight and throughout the next week, also called the Bright Week. The celebration begins at midnight and we will all be together on the streets singing and carrying candles in our hands, bringing light into our homes and hopefully also in our hearts. It is a celebration of life, communion, love, and forgiveness, renewal, and spring. The most important day of the year for many of us. The doors and windows of my heart are open and I carry you all inside tonight, so we can all rejoice together. Big thank you to each and every one of you that had a kind word to say, to all that sent poems, small gifts, or emails, to those that shared their joys and sorrows with me. Every small gesture of love and kindness brings us closer and keeps us together. I embrace you all and send you my love and good thoughts. Building a shelter might require some skills, effort, and patience, but molding a loving heart requires much more. Always invest some time in building a loving heart. It will offer shelter and joy to many of the ones you meet and touch. So many of us hunger for a bit of love. Hugs to you all, my friends!
I will share with you a beautiful tradition we have here during this period – Easter eggs are written with wax and dyed red or in multiple colors. National Geographic made a video about it, hope you’ll enjoy watching it:

Spiced Vegetable Couscous recipe: add boiled water over your couscous (same quantity of water and couscous – I added 2 cups of each), spices (I added curry – for golden color, chili, basil), olive oil. Let it sit for about 15 minutes then mix it well. I added some stir-fried veggies to the couscous (red and green pepper, mushrooms, peas, carrot, corn). On top sprinkle some chopped green onions leaves, parsley, and dill, or other fresh herbs of your liking. Enjoy!

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