31 Useful Packing Hacks for Camping “The Easy Way” To Organize a Small Camper

Our top camping tips on how to pack for camping in a trailer and stay organized. These camping hacks for beginners and seasoned campers will help you get on the road faster, reduce your stress, and make packing and unpacking effortless. Camp organization does not have to be a chore!


0:00 Intro
0:49 Dedicated camping gear
1:45 Camping checklist
2:05 Over the sink multipurpose roll-up dish drying rack
2:39 Labeled camping gear
2:58 Dedicated locations for camping gear
3:46 See-through plastic bins
4:37 Compression packing cubes
5:39 Small camper community shirts
6:23 Washing camp clothes
7:40 Tailgater tire table
9:58 How to pack a trailer
11:11 Camp shoe storage
11:37 Cabinet Organization
12:19 Nesting items
12:36 Camper drawers
12:49 Rubber bands
13:10 Camp plates with high rims
13:38 Drawer dividers
14:28 Field guides
15:03 Compact toilet for vintage trailer owners
15:16 Multiple trips before buying philosophy
15:22 Storing fishing gear
15:37 Vertical slide out storage
15:50 Shallow bins
16:11 X-Large zip-lock bags
16:34 Shop rags
16:47 Low water dish washing solution
17:05 Stacking bins
17:22 Floor tie-downs
17:52 Shoe organizers
18:21 LED puck lights
18:32 Items with multiple duties
19:17 Shower caddy
19:27 Plano trunk bins

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To see all the camping gear we use

Over the sink multipurpose roll-up dish drying rack
Stack-able clear bins without needing to use lids
Stacking bins with lids
Budget drawer organizers
Drawer organizers w/ rubber bottom & no-slip feet
2 compartment low-profile drawer organizers
Silverware organizer
Compression Packing Cubes (6 pack)
Tiregater Table Aluminum Version Correction: Table weighs 6lbs, not 4.
Budget Tailgater Table
Large low-profile bin for outdoor shoes (2 pack)
Stanley Nesting
Camping plates with rounded edges BPA free
Camping plates we use
Cassette Toilet for closet
Vertical stacking drawers
Tie-Downs rings
Tie-Down Tracks (E-tracks wider, but lower profile, L-track thinner, but taller)
LED puck lights with remote
Shower caddy window storage
Plano storage trunk with wheels
Plano sportsman’s trunk w/out wheels 56 quart
Plano narrow version we have (68 quart)

The camping fishing video I mentioned:
Charles Moman Channel

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