Camping In New Mexico

In this video I take you on a tour through New Mexico and show you some of the places I have actually camped.

One thing to keep in mind about New Mexico is that most of it is the same elevation as Denver! And when you’re camping spot is in the mountains….it’s quite a bit colder.

Like many states, New Mexico has a lot of public land and you can find inexpensive camping through the Dept of Wildlife, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) as well as the state park system.

And just so you know….New Mexico is part of the United States.

Here’s a list of the areas and campgrounds I touch on in this video.

Maxwell Wildlife Refuge
Storrie Lake State Park
Ft Sumner- Valley View RV Park
Ft. Sumner State Park
Ojo Caliente
Ghost Ranch
Black Canyon Campground

Chaco Canyon
San Juan Fairgrounds…McKee Campground
WaterFlow…basically random spot in someone’s backyard. Odd but I was grateful.
They only took cash…had to go to the ATM and come back.
Gallup- Walmart is where I stayed while I was there
El Malapais Conservation Area…this is the BLM one. Camping free there.

VLA telescopes- https://public.nrao.edu/visit/very-large-array/ They give tours!
Escondido Lake
San Antonio Riverine Park
Truth or Consequences – Elephant Butte State Park
And South Monticello State Park
Faywood Hot Springs
Pancho Villa State Park

Valley of Fire – a BLM campground
White Sands..no camping but very cool

Here are past videos where I have explored the state:

The Road to Chaco Canyon

Americans Ancient People

Breaking Bad and other things to do in Albuquerque

Ghost Ranch

El Malpais Conservation Area

And after doing this video I realize there are a lot of places I thought I had made a video about….but hadn’t.

That gives me something to think about, ha.

Thanks for watching.

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