Heavy Rain and Storm Camping – Bushcraft lantern stand, Thunder, Cooking steak and rice, Sage tea

On this trip I walked in a beautiful dense forest but it started to rain, I set up my camp with the Alton Goods tarp which is incredibly waterproof despite its very low weight … I cut wood to make a lantern stand, I found sage where and I gathered. Luckily I had with me the reliable and versatile SOTO Stormbreaker where I quickly made a hot tea with sage because it started to rain heavily. After I finished the construction of the lantern stand I fried steak in the SOTO Navigator large pot and rice in the small pot, I enjoyed my meal looking around for the heavy rain to fall, but also the storm! I prepared the bivy bag for sleep and slept with the sound of rain and thunder.

In the early morning the rain stopped, I got up, picked sage, made tea with it, enjoyed it along with the smells and colors of autumn. After an hour I got ready to start the return.
I hope you enjoying it.
Thank you!


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SOTO Stormbreaker Multi-Fuel stove:
SOTO Navigator cooking set:
SOTO Pocket spork:
Alton Goods tarp:
Kakadu shirt:
Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat:
Knife is custom made from:
Pomoly Yarn canvas tent:
Ceramic Whetstone Sharpener:
Folding Bow Saw:
Folding Saw:
Big rucksack:
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Iron Frying Pan:
Stainless Steel Folding Skillet:
Bush Pot:
Stainless Steel 32oz. Bottle & Cup Set:
Zebra Loop Handle Pot:
Titanium Plate:
Aluminum Pot Lifter:
Titanium Long Handle Spork:
Trangia Spirit Burner:
Trangia Fuel Bottle:
Firebox Stove:
Firebox Stainless Steel Nano Stove:
Solar Power Bank:
Ultralight Hot Tent:
Hammock and Underquilt:
OUTXE Fork spoon:

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