WINTER RV CAMPING TIPS FOR NEWBIES | Don’t make our mistakes! 🥶

Last year was our first winter living in our Airstream and boy did we get our butts handed to us with winter RV camping. 🤣These are all the things we wish we would have known in advance so we wouldn’t have spent so much time freezing in the Airstream!

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__ ⏱️ WINTER RV CAMPING VIDEO CONTENTS _________________________
00:00​ – Why we know so much about winter camping tips for newbies #wintercamping
01:00 – If you don’t know your rig, don’t attempt winter RV camping
01:30 – Don’t winter camp without a surge protector!
02:20 – Always have a backup power source for winter RV camping
03:00 – Make sure you are comfortable working your generators
04:05 – When you winter camp, have backup fuel for your power sources
05:02 – If you’re living the full-time RV life, make sure to have a fuel stabilizer too
05:14 – Bring a ladder for winter camping so you can clear debris from your roof
05:53 – Bring extra blankets and a secondary heating source, like a Buddy Heater
06:40 – Campgrounds may turn off the water in winter months! #RVLife
07:19 – Not all campgrounds are open for the winter, so plan accordingly
07:51 – When camping in the winter months, check for winter weather daily!
09:13 – And don’t forget to check for wind warnings too when winter rv camping
10:50 – What should I do if I find myself in a winter camping emergency?
11:15 – Fill up on fuel – gas, diesel, and propane – ASAP in a winter camping emergency
12:10 – Make sure all of your winter camping supplies are easy to access
12:40 – If you don’t have a propane stove or oven, plan for cooking without heat!
13:20 – How to keep the undercarriage of your RV insulated in freezing weather
14:18 – Make sure to have multiple layers of clothes to bundle up in #WinterRVCamping
14:36 – Leave a comment below with your best winter RV camping tips!

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