Camping Food – Spagetti Carbonara cooked with a Jetboil MiniMo

Here is one of my favourite jetboil recipes, my camp stove carbonara cooked my the jetboil minimo camping stove. Perfect trail food after backpacking and hiking. This is one of the best camping stove meals you will ever have. My camping recipes makes it extra tasty. The jetboil minimo is perfect for cooking as the simmer function is excellent.

The jetboil minimo retails at £159, weighs 415 grams and boils 500ml of water in 2m 15s. This backpacking stove enables camping cooking on the trail and in the mountains.

Buy the Jetboil MiniMo from Amazon UK using this link:

camp cooking is one of my favourite things to do when I’m out. I enjoy cooking camping recipes as much as the hiking and wild camping.

I love cooking jetboil meals and I also have the jetboil summit skillet and jetboil 1.5l ceramic cook pot so check out my other videos.

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Thanks, Andy

Please note the amazon link is what everyone sees and pays but I receive a miniscule finders fee when people use the link. It all goes back into backpacking gear!

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