How To Going Camping With Kids / 10 TIPS From Mountain Dad

To go camping with kids is different than going camping by yourself. So to make a family camping trip a success you need to remember a few basic tips that will make the whole experience more fun, for everyone.

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Primus /Burner:

“Stormkjøkken” / Stor kitchen:

Quality tent: https


Good enough tent

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Waring!
1:12 Why I´m telling you this?
2:22 Tip #1 ⛺
3:38 Tip #2🚶🏻‍♂️
4:08 Tip #3 🆘
5:10 Tip #4 🍲
5:55 Tip #5 ☀️
6:27 Tip #6 📖 🚌
7:14 Tip #7 ☕
7:43 Tip #8 🎒
8:10 Tip # 9 🍳
8:33 Tips #10 🍫

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