How to start car camping – Tips & ideas – budget friendly

How to start car camping, for free. In this episode I go over the basic essentials that are and are not needed to get you started in car camping. I just started car camping a few months back and have the basic set up, started out with very little and still hasn’t changed a whole lot. I like to get a few important things then hit the road, that’s how I ultimately learn what works and what doesn’t. Hope this helps you and helps you get on the road. Please keep in mind, do your own DD to confirm what works best and fits your situation.

Here is some apps/websites to help you get started.
I use FreeRoam the most.
Google Earth also is a great tool to find out more about the land, topography and area where you want to go.

Coleman zero degree sleeping bag

Coleman bottletop gas camping stove

Coleman classic two burner stove

1 liter camping cookware mess kit

RedCamp 4.9 gallon portable water jug

Sleepingo sleeping/camping pad

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