I took myself on solo camping trip to Pinery Provincial Park, one of the Ontario Parks. It was stunning and just what my soul needed. I made plenty of space in this vlog for breathing (and flying the drone), so relax, exhale and enjoy!

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I’m Anita, a filmmaker, writer, and visionary for a more beautiful world. I started traveling solo in 2011 and it forever opened my world. I found a connection with humanity and a way of living that was deeper and more alive than anything I’d ever experienced. I took every opportunity I could to travel the world, maxing out summers off from university and then started a business from my laptop.

I spent the last few years living, working and traveling in 36 countries across Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, USA and Central America. With just one suitcase and a wifi connection, I could work from anywhere in the world and it was a dream come true.

I’ve gotten stuck in sandstorms in the desert, live-broadcasted in refugee camps, crowdsourced my way 5000km across America from New York to LA totally supported by my online family, met God in a turquoise water paradise along the Adriatic sea and written books to tell the stories and savour the lessons.

These days, I’m based in Toronto, Canada, building a creative life while finding wonder, meaning and beauty here. It’s a different season from my full-time travel days, and I’m learning to make the most of it. It’s giving me a chance to bring forth the groundbreaking ideas that I’ve been formulating in my soul all these years.

I hope that you’ll join me for the next leg of this adventure! Thank you so much for watching!


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