MY CAMP SETUP – Solo camping setup! Everything fully setup! Camping solo? Check this out!

Enjoy this walk around of my current setup when I go solo camping for a few days, with everything setup… it might just give you some ideas for your setup!

Camping setups are forever a moving and progressing thing, with a life of their own almost, with new and improved bits of camping gear on the market constantly, and with everyone at different stages of their camping and touring journey, I put this clips together to show a snippet into where I am currently in my camping and touring journey.

What are your favourite items and must haves in your setup?

I have linked below all of the items I have done a review or how to clip that feature in this video below! Be sure to check them out!

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Rob The Wanderer!

Oztrail Gazebo 3x3m – How To and Review:

Wanderer Gazebo Hub – How To and Review:

KickAss Premium Light Kit – How To and Review:

OzTrail Fast Frame Single Ensuite Shower Tent – How To and Review:

Companion Aqua Cube Portable Shower – How To and Review:

JetBoil Flash – How To and Review:

Zempire HangDome Swag Light – How To and Review:

EvaKool TravelMate Dual Zone Fridge – Review:

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