Camping among Mountains In India | Camping in Heavy Rain Inside a Warm Tent | ASMR video #camping

In this video i am going for a solo camping during heavy rain on a field with lush green grasses and surrounded by mountains. i set up my tent in the middle of the field and made it totally waterproof , cozy and warm with tarp placed inside for extra layer of waterproofing and fluffy mattress so the ground cold cant penetrate and a warm sleeping bag for extra warmth and comfort. Placing all my camping bags and cooking equipment inside like a small little house in heavy rain in the middle of nowhere. I made tea inside my tent and then lunch and enjoyed the day with soothing water sound, gushing rain and calm nature sound. it felt so relaxing with the cold weather outside and warm inside. And then after some time i made hot pakoda in the rain and enjoyed with the silence of the nature and then after dinner i slept in the tent .

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