Wooden House, Raıny night, Solo Campıng, Camping in Heavy Raın

Hello everyone,
in this episode, we are camping with my dog ​​Doruk in a mountain house that I built by myself using only hand tools.
I carry the wood I have prepared for the winter to the wooden house,
I light my fireplace and cook delicious entrecote on it, while enjoying tea on the balcony,
it suddenly rains in the evening and I have a very pleasant time with the soothing sound of the rain.

Thank you very much in advance for watching.
Hope to see you in another chapter…
I’m Serkan Bilgin

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I’m Serkan Bilgin. By making wildlife watching, Bushcraft camping videos, and village life documentaries, I hope to bring forgotten values to light. This channel is for anyone who is tired of city life and yearns for the outdoors. I’d like to thank everyone who has joined me on this journey and subscribed to my channel from the bottom of my heart.

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