Camping Tent Kaise Lagaye | How To Set Up Camping Tent | camping tent setup

Camping Tent Kaise Lagaye | How To Set Up Camping Tent Step By Step

Introduction –

If you’re new to tent camping or rusty on vacationing in the great outdoors, don’t just grab a new tent and hit the road. Take time for a test run at home so you can set up your tent smoothly. This way you avoid problems if you’re pitching it after sundown or in bad weather.

Make sure your tent comes with everything you need. Study your tent’s setup to consider extra gear that might be helpful, such as a small rug for shoes, a lantern that can hang from a ceiling loop or a flashlight that can fit into side pockets.

Whether you need a tent that’s light and compact for backpacking or sturdy and spacious enough for your family to stand upright while car camping, here are the basic steps to setting up your tent. For reference, we used a two-room tent designed for four adults or two adults and three young children. Setting up with a partner is easiest, but not necessary.

Tools Required-

Rubber mallet (optional)

Materials Required –

Tarp or footprint

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